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Community Manager - Ben van 't Ende


The Community Manager enables the communication between the teams (TYPO3 CMS, Flow, Neos, Ext-Base, design and all other 'official' TYPO3 teams). Team activity is supported by code sprints, meetings online and theTYPO3camps. He has an overview of the overall status (The Big Picture). He activates, re-activates and stimulates teams if there is a need. He contributes actively to the community and works closely with the committees and teams to ensure the success of the TYPO3 project.
The Community Manager guides teams and individuals that are dedicated to developing for TYPO3. This extends from facilitating information or assistance that helps a project in any way to publishing information on a certain topic to raise awareness within the community or towards the general public.
The Community Manager communicates with all areas of the community working with the committees and teams. He will also serve as the internal and external evangelist for TYPO3, occasionally working with key users.
The Community Manager reports on a weekly basis to the community in 'This Week in TYPO3' with the exception of holidays. This communication should be as transparant as possible.

Key responsibilities

  • Driving solutions and information gathering across teams.
  • Serve as a coach and public representative for TYPO3 towards community members, end-users and companies.
  • Analyze and report community success
  • Organise TYPO3 related presentations and coaching events at conferences
  • Acting as an interface with the open source community
  • Prepare articles and presentations


  • Grow the community
  • Get metrics
  • Get more involvement

The goals of growing the community and getting more people involved can be achieved by providing better information on the current TYPO3 platforms like, facilitating organisers of events with ideas and material to educate and inspire.
Metrics should show the livelihood of the community by getting that data out of Forge, Gerrit and the mailinglists in the form of a dashboard. This will be in the form of a community project staffed by one or more persons. Currently there are two projects running for this one for TER metrics and one for Forge and Gerrit, both are carried by a single person, but the expectation is that this will be opened up soon for community participation.


Local initiatives are all around us and need to be better supported. I visit as many local initiatives as possible and assist the local and international groups with getting together meetings as allowed by my budget. Since 2013 I do voluntary community work with local initiatives that provides me with a broader experience concerning community management.
The events, specifically the TYPO3camps, can be a hot bed for creating more activity in the TYPO3 community. Mor on that in the Outreach section. The current TYPO3camps look more like mini-conferences these days. The barcamp format is very well suited for having meetings about innovative ideas that could be the basis for extended team work after the events. I plan to organise a TYPO3camp gathering of organisers where we get all organisers together, also for oinstance from the Netherlands, US, Romania, Poland. He gathering will be the perfect place to exchange organisational ideas and think tank on how use the camps for growing, inspiring and motivating the community. There will be a separate budget request for that.

Outreach and diversity

Diversity in the community is a hot topic and I have discussed this with quite a few people. Diversification is important to keep a lively and innovative basis for the TYPO3 project and gives the opportunity to view things from a different perspective. The topic is alive as can be seen from the audio interview on T3BITS. The recent couch sessions as a new format for sessions at the camps to involve more women are also a good example.
I however came to the conclusion that before we diversify we need an outreach program to be able to offer education. With education and outreach comes diversity and in the outreach program we can set priorities to approach different target groups like students or women. One if the most effective ways to approach education is to host workshops at events and especially at TYPO3camps on the day preceding the TYPO3camp. Some initiatives are already starting to roll.

Team participation

Once in a while I am present in a team meeting by demand and to tackle specific communication problems. There are two team I am a permanent member of: the marketing team and the team. Both teams are very significant in relationship to the community. Interacting as between the community and these teams is essential to keep that communication running smoothly.

Dirty work

Community managers are “Jacks of All Trade” because CMs usually fill in “the cracks” in regards to work environment. They do “the Dirty,” all the things that no one else wants or cares to get involved in. Of course I am looking at delegating work, but some things just need to be done and preferable in a timely manner.