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Added by Michael Stucki about 6 years ago

Dutch TYPO3 Foundation - Gerard Wijngaarden

To further the growth of TYPO3 in the Netherlands 5 companies joined forces and founded this Foundation with as main goal to grow the awareness and knowledge about TYPO3 in the Netherlands, to get TYPO3 on the must have list of organisations looking for a CMS.
When the budget is granted we will be able to organize events, make or translate educational documentation, and more of such kind.

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RE: Dutch TYPO3 Foundation - Added by Patrick Broens about 6 years ago

This foundation is not known within the Dutch TYPO3 community at all and seems to be a closed group, which is strange for open source software and the open character of the international TYPO3 community. No information on this foundation can be found anywhere and its goals and achievements are unknown. You would expect a foundation for promoting TYPO3 should at least promote themselves.

My personal opinion:

In their deliverables they mention they will be able to organize events when they have a budget. The Dutch TYPO3 conference has its own budget and it is proven that an event like a Dutch TYPO3camp can be done without a budget from the Association. No effort has been made to join forces with the organization of the Dutch TYPO3camp.
Making or translating documentation does not need a budget, but is driven by volunteers with a personal itch to do so.
To me it is unclear what will happen to the generic marketing material for the Dutch market.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against promoting and raising awareness and knowledge of TYPO3 in the Netherlands, just the opposite. But the closed character of this looks strange to me. A more open approach would be appreciated.

RE: Dutch TYPO3 Foundation - Added by Rens Admiraal about 6 years ago

First of all I find this application really vague. There's no concrete deliverables and no clear goal in my opinion, maybe this could be explained further? Besides that I have a strong believe TYPO3 in the Netherlands can only gain by not just having a greater market share, but most of all by a positive name and growing developer community. I hope the concrete ideas of events to be organized are developer centric (as the TYPO3 congres in the Netherlands shouldn't depend on this 5000 euro). This might sound odd as we always complain about developer centric in Germany / international events. But in the Netherlands we lack especially those.

Regarding the documentation and marketing material: we have the documentation team and marketing team for that I think we don't need a different foundation for that in the Netherlands. Maybe some general explanation about the goals, vision and mission of the foundation would be cool. Besides that the foundation should be open to the community (which it doesn't seem to be now), so I'm really curious to some more explanation ;-)

RE: Dutch TYPO3 Foundation - Added by Ric van Westhreenen about 6 years ago

Hi Rens, hi Patrick,

We have spoken with each other on the latest Dutch TYPO3 Congres. As I explained then, and I will also explain here, is that the foundation has been founded to make the scattered landscape in the Netherlands of TYPO3 Agencies, TYPO3 freelancers and others professionally involved in the Dutch TYPO3 community more focused. Why many haven't heard about the foundation is probably because of the age of the foundation. They were founded in july of 2013.

The Dutch Community has been a scattered landscape for years. And formed that way due to some mis behaving people in the past, which led to much distrust towards others and anyone wanting to achieve something.

I still know the first time we organised the renewed TYPO3 Conference some 4-5 years ago. For the first time in years, many agencies where involved with the organisation of that event instead of only one. I still have the strong words of Patrick ringing in my ears. But that is the past. This concept results in an event that has grown into the largest TYPO3 event in the Benelux with 190 people attending the latest conference.

Within the Dutch community there has been talks about starting a foundation or association for years, to strengthen the more national vision of the TYPO3 Community. The latest Dutch press release is dating from 2008 or even older, there is almost no publicity regarding TYPO3. There is a lack of Documentation in Dutch, there is a Dutch website which is solely maintained by one firm where it is impossible to get event information regarding any event or even actual news facts. There are no Dutch product video's, nothing. There is a lot of work to be done, and there is not much time left.

As you could read in the booklet you both received at the Dutch TYPO3 Conference, you could see who are behind the Foundation and what the goals are. Are those vague? Maybe, it is not like we want to have 5 new TYPO3 Association members in the Netherlands extra, or we want 3 extra events in every region. It also depends on how many people will participate, and help the foundation to reach these goals.

If I would be more outside the core of the TYPO3 community, I would be happy to see people trying to achieve things. And to do this in a less closed way than it has been 5 years ago.

The same people who organised the TYPO3 conference for 2-3 years, stepped down last year after writing down manuals how to organise such an event. A new team was formed and other people could voluntary join. The same holds true for the board of this foundation. The current team started the foundation to get things done for the Dutch community, there is a re-election in place after a period of 2 years.

Due to the fact that the forming of the Foundation and the Budget application where very close together, we had the choice not to apply for it and wait for 1 year to apply for budget at the end of 2014 and maybe getting it in 2015. Then we would loose 1 year. Or we could try to get some budget already so we shouldn't rely on.

Then the remark regarding the Marketing Team and Documentation Team. They are both doing a tremendous job. However it is impossible for them to get it also localised. If that would be the case, then there would have been more publicity in the Netherlands or we would have more Documentation in Dutch. I'm not blaming anyone or pointing fingers, but if we want to get more attention in the Netherlands for the great TYPO3 projects, we need this to happen with a Dutch team.

Within 2-3 months the Foundation will also have some way of participation in place. If you want to participate in any way, please contact Ronald Kuijper from Roquin. (and of course I will contact you both for the other things we discussed)

RE: Dutch TYPO3 Foundation - Added by Leon de Rijke about 6 years ago

What is the main target group of the activities of the Dutch TYPO3 Foundation? Are its activities mainly focused at clients/users/"the market", at developers or both?

RE: Dutch TYPO3 Foundation - Added by Ric van Westhreenen about 6 years ago

It's focus or main target group is the Dutch community. So basically everyone in that community. That could be people starting out with TYPO3, experienced developers looking for contacts, clients who need certain information regarding the roadmap etc. Our goal is to lower the barriers, so that it becomes easier to choose TYPO3 as platform to use as company, freelancer, client or even educational institution.