Gridelements Code Sprints 2014

Added by Michael Stucki about 6 years ago

Gridelements Code Sprints 2014 - Jo Hasenau

We are planning to have a team of up to 9 hand picked developers for two separate Grid Elements Code Sprints in 2014 going for 3 days – Friday to Sunday.

The road map for the sprints is as follows:

We want to focus on features and code migrations, which will be related to themes during the first sprint and shift to modifications to match the core of the upcoming TYPO3 versions during the second sprint.

The maximum number of people should be 9, since we want to get people into the same location for better socializing and communication and the hotels in the Upper Harz are not that large. In 2013 we calculated with 12 but in the end the number of participants was lower than expected, which is why we reduced it for 2014.

The location will be the Aula of the Technical University of Clausthal - which is the host of one of our TER mirrors BTW.

The actual hard core coding will start on Friday afternoon and will be open end for all 3 days. We want to prepare parts of the code beforehand, so that it already matches the upcoming theme packages and we can concentrate on implementing features into the core and improving features of or adding features to the extensions that make up the themes family.

We have decided to go for a voluntary team in both parts this year, since we want to get more people involved to both spread and improve the principles and ideas of backend layouts and grids as well as themes, and since there will be a crowd funded theme sprint, which is not covered by this budget.

The sprint will end on Sunday evening. The goal is to improve the user experience of the TYPO3 6.2+ core even further.