TYPO3 outreach and evangelism

Added by Michael Stucki about 6 years ago

TYPO3 outreach and evangelism - Christian Müller

It would be good to represent the TYPO3 project and all of its products more to the outside world and the community at large, therefor it makes sense to support people that go to events as offical representatives of the TYPO3 community and do presentations about the community or any of its products.
For this a travel support budget for which people can apply makes sense to allow more people the opportunity to do presentations at events.

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RE: TYPO3 outreach and evangelism - Added by Philipp Gampe about 6 years ago

Dates in the spreadsheets are based on 2013, please correct them.

IMHO evangelism is more a personal itch and should mainly be based on voluntary work and expenses. As a speaker, you often get discounts or even travel expenses.

If someone cannot afford to go to a certain event, he should try find a sponsor (and e.g. thank the sponsoring company in the talk).

RE: TYPO3 outreach and evangelism - Added by Steffen Gebert about 6 years ago

Philipp, I disagree with that. TYPO3 folks should be present at more conferences outside "TYPO3 *" events.

While I agree that creating the presentation should be a personal itch, the intention and availability for presenting at a conference should be honored and covered by travel costs esp. for very active team members / representatives.

It's different to speaking at a TYPO3camp - the preparation can be tremendous work. I felt happy when I received parts of my expenses e.g. while travelling to FOSDEM.

RE: TYPO3 outreach and evangelism - Added by Jo Hasenau about 6 years ago

If someone cannot afford to go to a certain event, he should try find a sponsor (and e.g. thank the sponsoring company in the talk).

Exactly this should be done, but IMHO the sponsor should be the T3A, since it will be essential for the success of the whole product portfolio to gain visibility outside the existing community. This will even increase the ROI, since the community will be growing and therefor "produce" more T3A members as well.

RE: TYPO3 outreach and evangelism - Added by Gina Steiner about 6 years ago

i also agree on that. we have a wonderful community and a wonderful project. but i recognized that we tend to stay inside our box and i believe that our project would definitely gain a lot if we could think and act outside the box. we can only win - contribution, knowledge, enthusiasm. we know since years what a tremendous benefit everybody has if we act like this - we are an open source project and our slogan still is: inspire to share. imho it is one of the duties of the t3a: enable to communicate - this is one of the main things the t3a should foster...

RE: TYPO3 outreach and evangelism - Added by Ric van Westhreenen about 6 years ago

In one of my roles as co-organisor of the Dutch TYPO3 Congress, I know that we ask a lot from our speakers. They have to make a presentation, they have to travel to us, and they sometimes need to stay in the hotel when travel distance is too far.

While many speakers won't ask for reimbursement, some of them do. The reason is simple. Some of them are sponsored by the company they work for, or they think that it will help them prosper. Others, some of them very active members of our community, have the opportunity to present the great projects of TYPO3 at many events. It's too much for them to do all this on a voluntary basis. They have obligations, for there company where they cannot work for when they are presenting. or for themselves.

So, therefore I agree with Gina, it is one of the tasks of the T3A to provide means for communicating the great work people do for our projects. Presenting at events is one of those ways they can do that. If companies sponsor that, I prefer that, but that is not always the case. In that case I would vote for the suggestion that we as T3A need to step up and provide the means.

RE: TYPO3 outreach and evangelism - Added by Volker Graubaum about 6 years ago

We are talking about enabling cost, so go for it ;-)

RE: TYPO3 outreach and evangelism - Added by Christian Müller about 6 years ago

If someone cannot afford to go to a certain event, he should try find a sponsor (and e.g. thank the sponsoring company in the talk).

Sponsor advocacy is one of the things I wanted to avoid with this. I would really like to have people go to other events as representatives of the TYPO3 project. Not the company they work for nor the sponsor that might pay for the travel. And also finding a sponsor might not be that easy. Of course everyone is invited to find a sponsor, this budget is very small so everyone not drawing from it is welcome of course. But I still think there are the cases where searching for a sponsor is difficult and you have nice things to present in a certain field.

RE: TYPO3 outreach and evangelism - Added by Rasmus Skjoldan about 6 years ago

Full support for this project. I think it's importance cannot be emphasized enough – considering the overall situation TYPO3 is currently in.

Just to give you an example, I will be presenting Neos at UX Romandie in December. This will be sponsored by 2 companies – but it is work that potentially every french T3A member gains from because we'll be raising awareness of Neos outside or usual circles. It is extremely important to do more of this. If you look to other projects, they have armies of paid evangelists running around the world to present their products.

If the project goes through, I advise remembering this when planning what events to go to. CMS purchases are no longer just decided upon by IT but increasingly marketing. Marketing and communication department workers don't go to tech conferences. They go to overall web, marketing, communication, UX and content strategy conferences and events. That's why it's really important that we don't only present TYPO3 products at tech conferences but go to other kinds of events as well.