Open Source License Team

Added by Michael Stucki about 6 years ago

Open Source License Team - Olivier Dobberkau

The use of open source licenses can be tricky. This project aims to clarify the current state of the used licenses in the different TYPO3 projects and contexts.
It will create a status report of the used licenses and their advantages and disadvantages. Further on the report will collect the most important questions for people involved in the TYPO3 ecosystem.
We will ask for advise from renowned open source specialists to make sure we don't fall in to common pitfalls and ask for guidance on how to deal with different situations.
Additionally we will create a section on to inform about the usage of licenses in action in the TYPO3 projects.

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RE: Open Source License Team - Added by Philipp Gampe about 6 years ago

I am not quite sure yet if this is really needed.

The major open source licenses (Apache, LGPL, GPL, MIT, BSD) have a very detailed legal coverage together with many advices on the homepages of the involved organizations (Apache Foundation, Free Software Foundation, OSI, etc).

Therefore I would like a list of points that need to be evaluated on top of the already available information.