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TYPO3 Distributions, Usability Solutions and Themes 2014 (T3DUST14) - Petra Hasenau

In 2009 we had the user experience week, which was a great success. 30 hand picked developers, designers and project managers gathered for a whole week “in a castle in the middle of nowhere” to brain storm about the future of the TYPO3 user interface.

During a week full of creative chaos and team spirit lots of great ideas have been created, which have been pushing the experience for TYPO3 users to a new level. Backend Layouts, the new page tree, a completely new backend design, the introduction package – all these things have been started and partly finished at that great event.

Now that we have a new TYPO3 LTS version close at hand, the idea for a similar but improved event in 2014 came up inspired by that unique role model of the T3UXW09. For users who want to stay on the safe side, there will be at least 3 years of TYPO3 6.2, but for the upcoming versions of TYPO3 CMS there is room for innovation. But “inspired” also means, that we will try to consider both the great experiences and the lessons learned from 2009.

Especially with regard to the new child of the TYPO3 family, NEOS, there is the need for a shift of the mindset from today's methods to the new and modern ways of content management it provides. On the other hand we will have lots of opportunities to increase the user base of TYPO3 CMS with trade specific distributions, that can be created easily with TYPO3 6.2 LTS and the upcoming THEME packages, but should be designed with the NEOS way in mind.

The new event will therefor include distributions as one of the key aspects and shift the focus slightly away from pure backend coding and in favor of well thought concepts and designs for usability solutions and themes. This is how we found the name for that new baby: TYPO3 Distributions, Usability Solutions and Themes 2014 – T3DUST14. And of course “to dust” means cleaning up some old and dusty things to give them a shiny and new look, which is exactly, what we are going to do.

We want to invite 30 people to form 5 teams, who will join in another place, but still in the middle of nowhere. Each team should have 3 coders ideally covering both NEOS and CMS, 2 designers and 1 project manager. We will try to involve more users and less developers, so that we can get feedback from real life projects instead of just guessing what people might need. The teams then will have to take over exactly one task each, which will be defined beforehand, so participants can prepare stuff instead of starting from scratch. The rest of the agenda will be defined by the participants on location.

The location will be the “Festenburg” near Clausthal-Zellerfeld, operated by the BSW, which is a charity organisation of the Deutsche Bahn AG. Their website http://www.bsw24.de/Wald-und-Sporthotel-Fest.48+M584965a0c47.0.html is powered by TYPO3 btw.

We are planning for a whole week either in June or End of September 2014, since these will take care of vacations in German schools, so the location will be less crowded and easier to book. People will arrive Saturday and we will start with a warmup Sunday for team building, where we will visit one of the numerous monuments of the world cultural heritage in the Upper Harz. The rest of the time will hopefully be spent with the same creativity we already experienced at numerous TYPO3 events.

The goal is to prototype new backend modules for distributions and themes that come closer to the NEOS way of handling things as well as basic distributions for the most important branches of trade, to improve and modernize the user experience of the TYPO3 products and lower the barriers for new users, integrators and contributors.

The organisation and prepration of this event will be sponsored and managed by our company, but we will ask for additional sponsors as well, since we want to invite some special guests, who might not be available just for the name of TYPO3. So the budget is just for some small incentives and the usual enabling costs for 7 days with 30 people. Additionally we want to make sure that people really deliver what they promised, especially when there will be sponsors who will pay for their working time, which is one of the lessons learned from the past. This already worked fine with the paid Gridelements sprint.

Sponsoring working time will be possible in 3 different ways: Either people can participate themselves just as most freelancers would do it, or they can send one or more of their employees, or they can pay for one ore more other people to enable them to come. We want to make sure, that the value of the working time invested by the participants will be made visible as well, since this is something most people easily forget. We will measure it based on the hourly rate of the TYPO3 association.

After the event there might be additional meetings and sprints for each particular team, but this depends on the amount of sponsoring we will be able to rise.

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One remark regarding this comment " since these will take care of vacations in German schools". We are an international community. I think that it's highly vital to involve people from around the globe, and not only people where the kids are attending the German schools. BTW, it's probably not intended by you that way, but it reads like that.

RE: T3DUST14 - Added by Jo Hasenau about 6 years ago

Actually the part about vacations means prices, availability and quietness, since the location is booked by lots of German families with kids during school vacations. Of course vacations of other countries will matter as well, but AFAIK they are close to the dates depending on the German federal state, with the first starting in June and the last ending in September.

RE: T3DUST14 - Added by Jo Hasenau about 6 years ago

We've got the precise dates from the location managers now.
They will be blocked until January, since it should be decided then, if the budget will be granted or not.

Sat 2014/07/05 until Sat 2014/07/12
Sat 2014/09/20 until Sat 2014/09/27

The first one is not exactly matching the vacations but it's the earliest we could get.