typo3.org Maintenance

Added by Michael Stucki about 6 years ago

typo3.org Maintenance - Ben van 't Ende

The T3O project includes the main website of the TYPO3 project owned by the TYPO3
association/marketing team >> typo3.org
Right now there is no support system established. Urgent and business critical tickets will not be
done immediately but most likely during one of the 3 or 4 code sprints there are every year. Still
chances are that tickets will be postponed to a next sprint.

There are lots of dependencies on single persons with a single point of knowledge and

AOE offers a 2 man­days support container each month. The association adds another 2
man­days to a 4 person days service level agreement for the typo3.org project. The maintenance of the T3O project will be ensured by 32h paid working hours each month.

The maintenance will be handled by the AOE support team. This makes sense currently because we already have advantages.

Full specs are included with the offer AOE made in September 2013 - T3OSupportAgreement.pdf

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RE: typo3.org Maintenance - Added by Steffen Gebert about 6 years ago

I would prefer that the tickets are handled within the The typo3.org project project here in Redmine. This makes not only the progress public and transparent, but also makes it the single source of truth (and not that tickets are lying around here, while AOE staff already resolved it or is currently working on etc.)

RE: typo3.org Maintenance - Added by Olivier Dobberkau about 6 years ago

I am with you. As we are currently implementing this for this year please contact ben for details on it.