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TYPO3 Neos Code Sprints and Quality Assurance - Karsten Dambekalns

The development of the next generation CMS codenamed Neos progressed a lot in 2013. In 2014 development will mostly be based on voluntary work, but to enable working together we would like to have 4 major code sprints brining most of the team together as well as up to 8 smaller topic based sprints.

Additionally a few work packages planned already in 2013 should be moved to 2014 to set down the important features for a 1.1 version.
The application contains a small part for QA as well to prevent blockers in development because of missing reviews. This part of the budget is mainly to cover reviews and cleanup work if needed urgently.

Because the availability of team members and what will actually needs to be done is unknown at this point (and simply cannot be planned that much in advance), we planned to use work packages as last year. Some work packages are already planned in Redmine and coordination can be done in the same way as last year.

The overall goal is to release a version 1.1 of Neos in 2014 which includes multilanguage as one of the major features.

The calculation for code sprints is based on week-long sprints (4 nights, 5 days) and 10 participants. The past has shown that often the sprint ends up being 6 days, with some arriving late or leaving early.

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The dates in the spreadsheet are based on 2013. Please correct them. I prefer less spending on working packages (and move this to volunteer/company sponsored work).

The code sprints part is fine with me.