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BO: Gina Steiner
Euro 45'400.00

The Community Working Group requests budget for communication purposes and hands-on work regarding the TYPO3 community for the year 2015.

The Community Working Group consists of Benni Mack, Gina Steiner, Christian Müller and Ben van ‘t Ende.
CWG has as a mission to uphold and to maintain the Code of Conduct and to help to support a friendly and welcoming community.

The Community Working Group aims to achieve this mission by acting as a central point of contact being available for communication between teams, community members and to the community at large about needs, concerns and general progress. The members of the CWG fulfill central roles in the TYPO3 community especially from a social point of view and represent their teams or the community at events like conferences, TYPO3camps or other Open Source or CMS related events.

Ben van ‘t Ende as current Community Manager steps backs from working full-time for the TYPO3 community, which he has been doing for the past 5 years, but will still play a substantial, but limited role in the TYPO3 community. The budget request consists of travel and lodging costs for the whole group, real life meetings and an added part for communication that Ben will execute as community manager, like ‘This Week in TYPO3’ and social media.

Budget owner for the budget will be Gina Steiner. The Community Working Group expresses the explicit wish to be an independent body. The CWG however highly appreciates to exchange thoughts with the TYPO3 Association and to deliver advice regarding community matters.

The CWG does not deliver a concept or considers itself tied to milestones. Its mission is defined in the paragraphs above. The CWG acts on values like trust and respect and will serve the TYPO3 community based on demand as it identifies it.

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RE: Community Working Group - Added by Marcus Schwemer almost 5 years ago


even if you consider yourself not to milestones, a commitment to (bi-) monthly reports would raise the trust in your application very much.

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RE: Community Working Group - Added by Ben van 't Ende almost 5 years ago

Good point. It is a good idea to include regular communication in the request or description. I do not believe it is so much about reporting, but about authentic communication towards and involving the community, like we already do.