Candidates for EAB: Chris Zepernick

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I am Chris Zepernick, but most people around TYPO3 will know me as Chris Zepernick. I’ve been with the TYPO3 community since 2003, and more or less founded the hamburg chapter of the TYPO3 community together with Gina, Thomas, Tobi and Volker. Since 01.01.2015 I’m Managing Partner and COO of WMDB Systems GmbH, one of the first TYPO3 solution providers, founded by Mathias Schreiber and Peter Kühn. In late 2014 we as the managing team of WMDB decided to provide Mattes as full-time, fully paid by us, as product owner to the TYPO3 CMS Project. We do this because we believe in TYPO3 and Open Source.

With me now applying for EAB we want to take our engagement a little further, an contribute even more time to the project and the community we helped to built years ago.
I want to make the budget usage more transparent for our community so that you not only know what was applied for, with which concept, but what was the money actually spent on.
Also I want to be a new partner to go to for the community if you have suggestions on the product, investments or the assoc it self. Least I want to foster a more transparent and professional communication of changes in the product, the management of the budgets and the overall strategy, to get the community more involved and engaged.

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RE: Candidates for EAB: Chris Zepernick - Added by Ben van 't Ende almost 7 years ago

Hey Chris, way back when we talked about diversity and inclusiveness in the TYPO3 community. Is this something that is on your agenda? What would you advise (The A in EAB) the TYPO3 Association regarding that?

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What is your opinion towards the upcoming strategy change in the T3A?

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Herr Chris,

thank you for your application for the EAB.

Since the EAB is responsible for “strategies of the TYPO3 Association”, it would be great to know which option described in this paper would be your favorite?

How do you see the products of the TYPO3 Association in 3 and in 5 years?

What is the biggest thread the TYPO3 Association currently face?

What is the biggest thread the TYPO3 products currently face?

The position as a member of the EAB is a volunteer job. How will you ensure, that the work which needs to be done by yourself, is done?

Ingo Schmitt

RE: Candidates for EAB: Chris Zepernick - Added by Chris Zepernick almost 7 years ago

Hi guys I'll be happy to reply to your questions.

I remember out talks pretty well, and do miss them by the way, we should catch up soon.

Regarding your question:
At the moment I have to admit we are pretty much a boys club, with a few ladys that join us from time to time at the events and codesprints. We have to get better at including girls, people of other skin color, LGBT people and other minorities in our community. To be able to achieve a more colorful inclusive community we have to make those people more visible to the outside of the TYPO3 Community, to invite others by their example to join us also.

My strategic advise would be to use our marketing team to make great people, contibuting a lot of their time and energy towards the success of TYPO3, like Anja Leichsenring, Berit Hlubek, Sonja Scholz, Daniela Weißgraeber, Anni Hempel and Gina Steiner and the many others a lot more visible to people outside the TYPO3 community core and outside of TYPO3 (e.g. by interviews released to press outlets, inviting them to our conferences and sending them to other conferences for them to speak about their topics within our community).

We have to learn that an open door is rarely seen as an invitation, as long as no one invites you in and tells you to make yourself comfortable and feel at home.

@Ingo & Peter:

Regarding the strategic paper released by Olivier, Stucki and Alain I am all in for #Scenario3, and have been a vocal advocate for that solution for quite some years by now. I think we need a company nuturing and fostering the TYPO3 products fulltime, being the product owner that also provides a full time core team for those products, the marketing and the strategy. Presenting customers / users with a strategy and all this. In my experience the absence of this is the main competitive disadvantage we have towards other FOSS products out there like Drupal, ez Publish, Wordpress, Symfony, Zend Framework, Elastic Search, Magnolia, Open CMS, Magento, oxid ... . For those software stacks companies and users have a single point of contact to turn to.

The products such TYPO3 company in my eyes has to sell would be:
- SLAs for TYPO3, Flow and NEOS Core
- integrator, adminstrator and developer trainings
- integrator, adminstrator and developer Certifications
- Developer Days
- Inspiring Con
- T3Con
- Platinium, Gold, Silver partnerships with requirements of certifications, TYPO3 related revenue and TYPO3 Community engagement

Especially the first and the last list item are crucial in my point of view. Todays memberships tell a customer nothing about the quality of the member or their contribution toward Typo3, so there is no business value to our memberships besides stating "we got the money to contribute, and are willing to do so". I agree we have the PSL, but even that only gives business owners a vague idea about your knowledge and the quality of your service, as well as this is no valid option for freelancers to represent them selves.

Regarding the SLAs, I think this might be the best option to finance a TYPO3 Company. I know a lot of big companies who would pay to get SLAs for the core. And the current numbers of the ELTS customers shows me that this is infact something that was missing in the TYPO3 Portfolio.

How do you see the products of the TYPO3 Association in 3 and in 5 years?
I would love to see TYPO3 as a decoupled (Login, Content, Caching .. as horizontal scalable standalone micro services with low HDD and Memory impact) , easy scalable (multiple persistence options table based, Master Slave Cluster Nodes) CMS, offering real publshing (editorial system and production system seperated) as well as multiple content dimensions for targeted content creation with in one content object.

Regarding Flow I'd like to see the framework getting faster to meet its competitors, more lean and decoupled to be more flexible, and to offer the option for package based persistence configuration.

Neos needs to grow up, stabilize and meet industry requirements such as easy extensibility like the TYPO3 extension manager, a capable asset management, a basic search and easy configurable multi language support.

As for the market our products have to be more consumer / user centric designed and less developer focused, the TYPO3 7.x branch is a good start in this direction but there is still a long way to go for all of our products.

What is the biggest thread the TYPO3 Association currently face?
The marketing efforts of our competitors such as Symfony, ez and foremost Drupal, as well as the lack of a vision what we want to be and a strategy supported by our members and contributors. We need to get better at communication and at making the people that use our product feel included into the descission process.

What is the biggest thread the TYPO3 products currently face?
The biggest thread in my opinion to all of our products has been adressed for TYPO3 by WMDB. The lack of a product management, a strategy and vision for the product, consumer and user centricity. We have been way to focused on the developers during the last years and way to less on the people using it. We have to deliver more business value for the companies running their websites and products with our software.

The position as a member of the EAB is a volunteer job. How will you ensure, that the work which needs to be done by yourself, is done?

We as WMDB Systems GmbH allready contribute 1 FTE (Mathias Schreiber) fulltime, fully paid, to the community, and the management board of WMDB, as well as all the stakeholders of our company, agreed on contributing the time needed by me to meet the requirements of the EAB position, by shifting workload away if needed.