General Communications Budget

Added by Naike Beggiato over 4 years ago

The budget is intended to improve communication of the TYPO3 project in general. This budget is explicitly not a Marketing budget, but merely a communication/PR Budget

Budget Owner: Danijela Weißgraeber
Budget Amount: 66'960.00 Euro
EAB Responsible: Boris Hinzer

1.  Grow the community: 
·       Increase the number of people that are involved with TYPO3 (contributors, developers, students, etc.) 
·       While TYPO3 is no longer the “cool” CMS, the goal is to retrieve interest of young people 
2.  Keep good vibe and values (we are giving them a home for their souls, experience great friendship)
3.  Increasing market share, at least to stop declining the market share
4.  Increase confidence in products
5.  Provide CMS insights, be the thought leader of the CMS industry