Event Manager

Added by Naike Beggiato over 4 years ago

The responsibilities of the event manager are everything around the organisation for the Award, the T3Con and additional official Events.That means that this person searches for the best locations, organizes everything like rooms, food, technical equipement and will be there as a helping contact while the event. Also he or she will organize the speakers and will take care of them, that means also the organisation of flight or train tickets or hotelrooms if needed and give advice and help. Last but not least the event manager will search for sponsors for the event and also take care of them.

The idea is to have one person who coordinates everything and is contact for everybody who is involved in this events. That means efficiently work without lost or double information. Sponsors, speakers and renter will have one official contact person. In this position it will be able to find more sponsors that means that the events will be more profitable and not only be paid of itselves.

Unfortunally it is not possible for the association have an employee in Germany (or other countries outside switzerland). That's why Portaltech Reply GmbH is going to find a new employee only for that work. Portaltech will provide an monthly booking report for the working hours, but is not responsible for holidays or illness of the employee. In average the hourly average rate is 55 €, and a realistic value of 1300 - 1500 hours, so it's much cheaper than a freelancer

BO: Volker Graubaum
Income:78'450.00 Spending: 58'000.00 Sum: -20'450.00
EAB Responsible: Chris Zepernick