TYPO3 Award

Added by Naike Beggiato about 4 years ago

"The TYPO3 Award will be a fix date inside the official TYPO3 Events - and again as a ""Red Carpet"" Business Event at the first Day of the T3CON. The perfect time and place to close the conference with the first TYPO3 Award. Having 10 categories where companies can submit their references will bring even more attention to the product world of TYPO3. An Award normally shows big and great references, which is the right think to do for the marketing.

In 2015 are 49 applys for nominations and the Award brings a great chance to speak to different ""new"" TYPO3 Agencys. This application Form may just works alone or together with the T3CON Application Budget.

At the second Award we will learn about the first organisation - different presswork, more clients, less categorys, less jury :-)"

BO: Marco Klawonn
Income 121'000.00 - Spending 114'250.00 - Sum -6'750.00
EAB Responsible: Chris Zepernick