Fluid Powered TYPO3

Added by Naike Beggiato about 4 years ago

The well established Fluid-based templating package collection for TYPO3. Application is for one year of planned priority work and two sprints around releases of TYPO3 minor versions. Fluid Powered TYPO3 is a suite of extensions providing a wide range of Fluid/Extbase-based features for TYPO3 mainly in the area of templating. Our main goal is to increase productivity and efficiency for developers when they create the templates and layouts for a site – and the main driver for that goal is the merging of templating metadata such as icon, label, sorting order, logical grouping, translation options and form field structures into the actual Fluid templates that get rendered, giving the developer a single point of editing for the entire process of creating a new content element type, a new type of page template and more. We also depend much more on conventions (automatic naming, expected file locations, expected class names and such) than other, similar extensions or suites of extensions. In addition, many of our extensions can be used for any templating purposes – not just Fluid Powered TYPO3. For example, we produce the Fluid ViewHelper package called VHS and the schema generator called Schemaker. And of course the community's preferred ViewHelper reference on fluidtypo3.org. We apply for budget allocation to complement the voluntary contributions of team members, prioritising the periods around TYPO3 releases to make sure that our suite works with every new TYPO3 release – in the form of two sprints, both of which will be held only in sponsored or otherwise free to use locations (companies of team members, contributing agencies, etc) and as such apply only for covering the cost of hotels/travel. We also apply for a budget to reserve approximately ten hours monthly for two key team members to be fully available for creating new releases, supporting users, managing contributions and coordinating the work internally in the team; to be used only in cases where no team members are able to contribute those hours from their own time. And finally we apply for a small purse to allow prioritising small units of work around each release of TYPO3 LTS and if/when required by bugs, core changes etc. – also only to be used when no team member can contribute their own time.

BO: Claus Due
Euro 16'580.00
EAB Responsible: Martin Wiederkehr