Added by Naike Beggiato over 4 years ago

The creation of a standalone package containing all parts of the API which apply for standalone Fluid; and further APIs to allow the current Flux TYPO3 extension to also use this package as a base (in ways heavily inspired by how the standalone fluid package solves these requirements). The result will be a package that can be added anywhere to enable storing of metadata-type information directly in Fluid templates and extracting these structures afterwards as a nicely consumable OOP hierarchy. In a TYPO3 context the package will allow extension developers and site creators to use a lighter version of Flux that does not provide any of the other Flux integrations such as nested content, domain model support and others, but providing the ViewHelpers and components that facilitate metadata in templates, extractable via a View. The application is purely for enabling two developers to create the first, decoupled, stable release. Many implementations will be created after that point but no part of this budget will be used for those. There is only a single milestone due to the fairly low number of developer hours (50, x2) and a fully stable release is expected after that time. Should additional time be required it will be covered by the team members. All future maintenance will be covered by team members.

BO: Claus Due
Euro 5'500.00
EAB Responsible: Martin Wiederkehr