Editorial Team

Added by Naike Beggiato over 4 years ago

"Within the upcoming year existing and upcoming TYPO3 websites should become either refactored or completely build from scratch. Referring to the TYPO3 website concept, which has been made during the Marketing Sprint in Bad Homburg, typo3.org should become more and more the hub for the TYPO3 community and developers, while typo3.com – a completely new website - should focus on decision makers. Additional websites are my.typo3.org – as the peronal space for every contributor and marketplace.typo3.org as the plattform for surrounding products for TYPO3.

Since we also see the need for additional content (like whitepapers, case studies, references, etc) for these websites, we plan to have at least four sprints with a bigger amount of people than the last years. We hope that we can have appx. 10 people for every sprint, but are expecting that only 8 will have hotel and travel costs."

BO: Boris Hinzer
Euro 13'320.00
EAB Responsible: Michael Stucki