TYPO3 Accessibility Working Group

Added by Naike Beggiato about 4 years ago

"During the TYPO3 User Experience Week 2015 there was a team dedicated to the revival of an official accessibility package for TYPO3. Initiated by Sacha Vorbeck who had the idea for the original Government Package in 2009, that has been available for TYPO3 CMS 4.7 but unfortunately not for the latest versions of our CMS, they provided a concept for a new package. It should be based on modern frontend frameworks like Bootstrap and still provide state of the art accessibility features to make TYPO3 the CMS of choice when it comes to accessible internet and intranet sites. The team gathered again at the Developer Days to raise awareness for that topic and now would like to continue the way of the old Government Package based on more modern concepts like Themes.

Therefor we will need enabling costs for code sprints as well as an extended license of an existing frontend Theme, that we can then port to be available as MIT licensed TYPO3 extension. Since this theme should provide lots of different features we would like to get a very flexible and feature rich theme from places like Wrapbootstrap or Theme Forest, since this will be less time consuming than having to create everything from scratch. The extended license allows us to rebuild and republish that particular theme with any license we prefer.

After a presentation of TYPO3 Themes during the Internet Festival in Pisa the teams around Ivano Luberti and Jo Hasenau joined forces so that we have 10 active members currently. Additionally there was a presentation of the accessibility initiative at the TYPO3 conference in Amsterdam, which already got quite a good feedback. Hans Olthoff as representative of one of the TYPO3 award winning agencies already offered to give us the accessibility package they have beenn using for several governmental websites in the Netherlands.

The Italian team has been mainly focused on editing tools for standard contents elements that drive editors in delivering WCAG 2.0 compliant content, and on creating a WCAG 2.0 verification tool that will be part of the core later on. So this will perfectly match the other goals of the T3UXW team to finally form an accessibility working group that will not just create one package but take care about TYPO3 WCAG compliancy in the long run.

The goal of the code sprints will be to convert the accessible package offered by Hans Olthoff to be TYPO3 compatible and enrich it with all the necessary responsive features taken from a ready made design theme. At the same time this will generate input for the next user experience week, so that the core team will get the necessary information about missing features in the TYPO3 core, so that the frontend output of TYPO3 will be fully accessible in the end.

We will try to get additional sponsoring, that we might collect via crowd funding or other ways of fund raising."

Budget Owner: Ivano Luberti
EAB responsible: Martin Wiederkehr

Total expenses: 99'230.00 Euro