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Discuss here about the Financial Planning / Funding of the

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RE: Financial Planning / Funding - Added by Jochen Weiland about 4 years ago

As part of the financial ramp-up for TYPO3 Inc. it is planned to double the Association membership fees for 1 year.

I am wondering what the best strategy would be for this:

1) When we double the fees for all members, some of them may just drop out and we will loose those members. Some other members may not be pleased when they want to stay in the association but on the other hand are not prepared to pay the double fees.

2) If we make the double fees a voluntary option (as it is planned), there should be some form of recognition for those members who support the plan for TYPO3 Inc. by paying double fees for one year. Especially for Gold and Platinum members we are talking about a serious amount of money and my feeling is, that some members may not be willing to pay the double amount if they get nothing in return.


RE: Financial Planning / Funding - Added by Alain Veuve about 4 years ago

We really need to make it a voluntary thing. I am thinking of it as a funding campaign. So it's about convincing people that this is a thing they need to do. Polls have shown not everyone is in. This is ok. And polls have shown that some people will do triple payments. This is great.

Part of this campaign surely should be a piece of appreciation. Still this needs to be worked out, what is cool and what is possible.