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First of all, Thanks to all who are involved & doing making great efforts with TYPO3 Inc. Of course, TYPO3 Inc will be definitely historical step into TYPO3.

As we all knew that, TYPO3 is really needs to go outside Europe and should be come at International platform, Checkout Yes, The Marketing team (of TYPO3 Association) is doing their best since long time.

Question is, Exactly what are strategies/plan in TYPO3 Inc to make real growth on International Market? Mostly this question is concern about the End Customers/Users/Corporate-Companies/Products-Agencies who are actually need to use their small to large scale CMS sites (not TYPO3 Agencies/Companies who is developing TYPO3 sites).

It's one of the most important factor to achieve CMS market share compare to like Drupal/WordPress.

Thanking You!

Team iTUG

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Hi Sanjay,

this is a multi-step plan.

First off, we need to establish a steady source of income and continue to improve the product itself.
Rule of thumb is that a good product helps a lot selling itself.
With centralized marketing in Europe we can then start reaching out internationally.
Agencies play a huge role here to spread the word about TYPO3 until we can establish national marketing officers throughout the globe.

It's too early for a detailed international strategy - mostly because we don't have the CMO position filled in yet :)

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Hey Mathias,

Thanks for your response, Humm I understood.

1. Stable: Yeah indeed, It's really initial goal to establish & stable the best Modern CMS.

2. Popularity: You're Right, The good product will be help itself for the popularity.

3. Europe: Indeed, First step should be whole Europe with Agencies & National level marketing.

4. International Plan/Strategy & CMO: ;)

Thanking You!

Team iTUG