Candidates for EAB: Carsten Falkenberg

Added by Stefan Busemann over 6 years ago

Since 2007 I am working with TYPO3 and from the beginning was impressed by both, the product and the community. 2011 I decided to start my own company as an solo entrepreneur and to specialize in TYPO3. In the same year I joined the TYPO3 Association and made the certification as a Certified Integrator. Apart from a few visits to various TYPO3 camps and to #CertiFUNcation I haven't been very active in the community. I didn't work on the core, I didn't publish own extensions. From time to time I participated in sponsoring various projects. I used to read the latest news about TYPO3 with interest, but didn't comment on them very often. I see myself more as part of a silent (maybe imagined) majority, that benefits from the TYPO3 ecosystem and tries to earn their livelihood. It's their perspectives and interests I would like to represent.

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RE: Candidates for EAB: Carsten Falkenberg - Added by Olivier Dobberkau over 6 years ago

Thanks for your Nomination here.

How can we encourage this silent majority to contribute?

RE: Candidates for EAB: Carsten Falkenberg - Added by Carsten Falkenberg over 6 years ago

Thank you for your question, Olivier.

Actually I haven't really thought about this by now, as my application has been quite spontaneous and somehow thoughtless - except that I want to find out myself. But what came to my mind first, is the following:

There are lots of books telling stories from people that succeeded in ... losing weight in three weeks ... stop smoking in seven days ... getting rich without working ... so why not post stories from people that already contributed? What about a 'My first contribution', where they tell, what made them contribute and how they started, whom did they talk to, etc.

If there are examples and role models on how to get involved, this might help motivate people to contribute themselves.

I know that there is a mentorship program already, but if you are a little like me, you might not feel very comfortable with a mentor, that might get frustrated with your progress. Maybe your mentor wouldn't get frustrated at all, but it's the way you feel about it, that stops you from participating. You don't want to waste anyone's time, because you are uncertain if you've got what it takes to contribute. You might be interested in contributing code, but are much better in writing documentation. Maybe you first have to find out, where you're able to contribute and feel comfortable with.

There's a lot of uncertainty and doubt that needs to be moved out of the way.

It might get easier, if you can start somehow anonymously, register to a platform, where you can choose fields of interest and get assigned to tasks which start at a low level. After you finished your task, you'll get a feedback about your perfomance and can give a feedback yourself on how difficult the task felt and if you want to get assigned to another one.

So this was a little sneak peak into my mind. I hope that'll answer your question in some way.


PS: Actually I found this forum by accident. As I am the first to answer a question, this might need to be communicated better to the nominees?

RE: Candidates for EAB: Carsten Falkenberg - Added by Ingo Schmitt over 6 years ago

Hi Carsten,

the position as a member of the EAB is a volunteer job. How will you ensure, that the work which needs to be done by yourself, is done?

Ingo Schmitt

RE: Candidates for EAB: Carsten Falkenberg - Added by Carsten Falkenberg about 6 years ago

Hi Ingo,

thanks for your question. I'd like to answer it this way:

Even if it wasn't voluntary work, there is no guarantee, that it'll be done. But I'm willing to get it done.
And of course, my daily work needs to be done aswell. So I'm planning to dedicate a yet to be determined amount of worktime to the EAB, if I get elected. Just like I would do with any other project.