Candidates for EAB: Rino Razzi

Added by Stefan Busemann about 6 years ago

Since 2010 I have been working for organizing the T3Camp Italia events and in the last 2 years for the TYPO3 Day events at Internet Festival of Pisa. Right now I'm again working to organize the "T3Camp Italia 2016" that will be held in September and will also host a "T3 Contribution Day" with the aim of spread TYPO3 in Italy and recruit new contributors for TYPO3. Nonetheless I'd like to continue and increase my effort in and for the TYPO3 community. I think that having people from different countries in the official positions of the TYPO3 Association could help spreading TYPO3 in other countries. That's why I decided to run for a position in the EAB.

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RE: Candidates for EAB: Rino Razzi - Added by Olivier Dobberkau about 6 years ago

Thanks for your nomination!

Can you elaborate on how the T3A could encourage those in Italy using TYPO3 to contribute?

RE: Candidates for EAB: Rino Razzi - Added by Rino Razzi about 6 years ago

Hi Olivier.
Thanks for your question.

I think that to understand the low contribution of the Italian TYPO3 developers
we have to consider the following issues:
- in Italy the number of people and web agencies using TYPO3 is still low and we have not reached the critical mass necessary to start a natural process of growing and multiplication of the community. I think that we are near to reach such a critical mass but we still don't have it.
- in Italy we have many more small web agencies and freelancers than big IT companies. A small company or a freelance usually has less time to dedicate for other than clients and work projects. This is quite different from Germany and other north Europe countries where (for what I can see) often the companies using TYPO3 support their developers for contributing to the TYPO3 Core and extensions.
- many Italian TYPO3 users feel the TYPO3 community and the TYPO3 Association like something far from they. I know that this is a wrong idea but anyway we have to face it and work to make them change their idea.

I think the T3A should further increase his effort to help resolving all this issues.
T3A should further promote and support any type of event about TYPO3 made in Italy. Technical and social events are both ok becouse the important thing is to create many occasions where TYPO3 Italian's users can meet between them selves and with other people of international community.
In this way we can encourage creation of connections between Italian TYPO3 users and between Italian and international people of the TYPO3 world.

Another important point, usefull for the Italian situation and for the whole TYPO3 community, is to extremly streamline both the online communication of the T3A and the online cooperation tools for developers. I know that a lot of work is already been made on this issue but more work still needs to be done to have informations and tools not spread in different platforms and formats.

RE: Candidates for EAB: Rino Razzi - Added by Ingo Schmitt about 6 years ago

Hi Rino,

the position as a member of the EAB is a volunteer job. How will you ensure, that the work which needs to be done by yourself, is done?

Ingo Schmitt

RE: Candidates for EAB: Rino Razzi - Added by Rino Razzi about 6 years ago

Hi Ingo,

thanks for your question.

Before of candidate myself for the EAB I already knew that the position requires a volunteer job.
As you can read in my profile, I'm used to give a part of my time to support the TYPO3 project.

I do it because, together with my company, we strongly believe in the open source, cooperative work and knowledge sharing.
This is not strange because I lead a company named Archimede Informatica that is a cooperative company.
My company adopted TYPO3 CMS since 2004.
TYPO3 has given us a lot, helping us in our daily work for years.

In 2008 we decided to try giving back something to TYPO3 community, starting to actively work for the community.
Then my company started contributing by creating and sharing extensions on the TER, helping italian localization of TYPO3 and so on.
Moreover, supported by my company, I personally started spending time for helping the TYPO3 Italian community to grow.

In the last 3 years I especially worked for spreading TRYPO3 in Italy and creating connections and bridges between the Italian and international community.

So I'm not worried of spending more time for TYPO3 community for free, even because I know that my company will support me for that.