Candidates for president: Olivier Dobberkau

Added by Stefan Busemann about 6 years ago

Olivier is the current president of the TYPO3 Association and is up for re-election,

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RE: Candidates for president: Olivier Dobberkau - Added by Steffen Gebert about 6 years ago

Dear Olivier,

thanks for being our president in the past and future! I appreciate that and how you accompany this duty.

One aspect, where I am curious to hear your personal position is the TYPO3 Inc. aspect. How do you expect to interact the T3A with T3Inc? AFAIK the T3A mostly stays as it is as a club of people, where everybody can get involved.

How do you think that it can be made sure that T3A and T3Inc benefit from each other and it does not end up (once again) with having a group of people that receives a lot of money and gives a sh*t about the T3A in a year or two?

Would be really interested in your opinion towards this.