Expenses Marketing 2017

Added by Daniela Diebowski about 3 years ago

BO: Fabian Stein
EURO: 121'050.00
EAB Responsible: Dominik Stankowski

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RE: Expenses Marketing 2017 - Added by Clemens Riccabona about 3 years ago

There is a CMS Garden Membership in 'External Memberships' with an amount of 1000,- EUR

You also have this Membership in your application with an amount of 3000,- EUR

Further more I think it would make sense, if we could see the income of the Shop too here, as you have a noteable amount mentioned to enable and enhance TYPO3 shop.
(at least 12k are connected with the shop-topic).

RE: Expenses Marketing 2017 - Added by Fabian Stein about 3 years ago

Hi Clemens,
nice hearing, that you are interested in the Marketing Budget.

1) Topic of CMS Garden: Very awesome that you mentioned this. There is probably a lack of communication in here. I will get in contact with the EAB about this and then we will probably leave this position out of the Marketing Budget.

2) Topic of the Shop: We are in the Moment considering and working on what parts at the shop will be from the GmbH and what will be from the Marketing Team. In this Budget Application there are "just" the things in that are given away for free (Pencils, Lanyards ...) to marketeer TYPO3 at Events. So we are not sure if we "as the Marketing Team" will make benefit out of this. Of Course the complete shop is build to made profit but we have to be sure that the income is not booked to many pockets :)

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask :)


Fabian Stein