DMO (Destination Management Office Distribution)

Added by Daniela Diebowski about 3 years ago

BO: Roberto Torresani
EURO: 57'750.00
EAB Responsible: Boris Hinzer & Chris Zepernick

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RE: DMO (Destination Management Office Distribution) - Added by Ric van Westhreenen about 3 years ago

It's always great to read ideas for specific distributions. Two questions:

1. what value does it bring to the members of the TYPO3 Association?
2. the distribution is based on the Italian situation, or did you do research for this in other countries? Specifically, since the largest part of usage is in the German speaking countries, how international is this distribution?

RE: DMO (Destination Management Office Distribution) - Added by Michael Stucki about 3 years ago

Wouldn't it be more suitable to organize a crowdfunding campaign for this project? This would allow those who need this project to pay for it...

RE: DMO (Destination Management Office Distribution) - Added by Ric van Westhreenen about 3 years ago

I agree on Stucki's idea. And as could be seen from past experiences with crowdfunding, it works when the community is behind it.

RE: DMO (Destination Management Office Distribution) - Added by Roberto Torresani about 3 years ago

Hi Ric and Michael, thank you for your question.
Now the DMO plugin is installed and used by some Italian agency, both for a national target that foreign tourists.
In the plugin there are lot works and many features done; these by a first analysis fullfeels European market and some non-European needs.
Tourism is one of the most resillient and fastest-growing economic sector ( We know that there are a lot of work to do in the future to follow this market but also the interest and investment of public and private companies in this market are growing. In this scenario, we think that having a specialized distribution of a market may serve to give a chance to the member and a boost to TYPO3.

The crowfunding might be another way and thought we consider it for the evolution of the extension, even with considerations of non-Italian companies.
Our idea is that the specialized distribution is for the Association (budget), the development of the extension is for the agencies that want to invest (crowfunding). That's why we specified that the budget is not for development of the extension.
I hope I have answered your questions or if you want some more depth, we are here.

RE: DMO (Destination Management Office Distribution) - Added by Jo Hasenau about 3 years ago

I really like the idea of real distributions in the classic sense of packages focussing on a particular business branch.
We already had the government package and several intoduction packages but IMHO real business distributions, that can even be bought wrapped within a branded box and together with some SLA could open up new markets for TYPO3.
And if you ae going to base this distribution on TYPO3 THEMES I guess the THEMES team would happily support you.

IMHO this would be a perfect use case for the planned "Marketplace" of the TYPO3 Inc - people could still get the package for free and pay for the SLA if they want/need one.

So the question is: Should this be created based on a T3A budget, or would it be better to raise money for the project by selling exactly those SLA contracts?