T3 Official Manual 2017

Added by Daniela Diebowski about 3 years ago

BO: Robert Lindh
EURO: 19'350.00
EAB Responsible: Peter Pröll

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RE: T3 Official Manual 2017 - Added by Silke Arend about 3 years ago

Is it wise to spend approx. 20.000 Euros on a manual and videos for editors as it is planned here?

No doubt, manuals and videos are important. But I would like to raise some serious questions here:

Does it make sense to create a new platform for a manual, that is intended to be an official documentation?
There is a platform for official TYPO3 documentation. It even holds a tutorial for editors: https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/EditorsTutorial/Index.html Should we not bundle resources?

Does TYPO3 benefit from 4 more tutorial videos with a total of approx. 7 minutes, when there are 2 videos on typo3.org with a total of approx. 21 minutes?
The videos - on the same topic - in English (and German) can be found here: https://typo3.org/documentation/videos/ Since 2008 videos for editors are available there - without a budget from T3A in the past.

If TYPO3 would agree to a bugdet that includes a translation to dutch, who would pay for french, spanish, italian - to name just a few languages spoken in bigger markets?

To sum it up: Is it reasonable to spend this money on something that would be redundant and scatter (dissipate) the TYPO3 documentation?

RE: T3 Official Manual 2017 - Added by Robert Lindh about 3 years ago

Hi Silke

You are right TYPO3 really need a manual and ofcourse we should bundle resources. But you miss some points in the budget application. Im seeking funds to develop the manuals further. That means the work that is there is done for free and contributed by us at Pixelant and a Dutch agency beech.it

Also the budget will be spent on making it possible to download the manual as pdf and in general make it more TYPO3 standarlized

To sum it up: i think you missed some critical points in the application :)

But i would love to work with you on this

RE: T3 Official Manual 2017 - Added by Michael Stucki about 3 years ago

Such effort should be coordinated with the documentation team. I actually think that the budget should be assigned to them so that they know what's going on and redundancies can be avoided...
Is the documentation team (https://forge.typo3.org/projects/team-docteam/) involved into this so far?

RE: T3 Official Manual 2017 - Added by Silke Arend about 3 years ago

Hi Robert,

maybe I really missed something, but I could not find in the application or your reply any details, what is planned and why that would be so much better that one could delete the above linked tutorial and videos on typo3.org. Or would it be called "official manual" yet exist in addition to the documention and videos on typo3.org?

As far as I understood the application - please correct me if I am wrong - it is meant to be a seperate website, with over 9.350 Euro for "build and design"...

The PDF download you are planning is implemented already for the documentation on typo3.org. The tutorial for editors will look like that: https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/EditorsTutorial/stable/_pdf/PROJECT.pdf

RE: T3 Official Manual 2017 - Added by Robert Lindh about 3 years ago

Hi again if you take that pdf i can se several problems.
First of all no editor should have admin access
you should talk about page ts to editors
Pictures should always be fullscreen otherwise confusing

Just my two cents