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to long database tablenames

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I work in some projects with extbase and now I have a problem with the Flow3 conversion - so I post it in the Flow3 bugtracker.
In one of the projects I work with a complex domainmodell with many objects.
The objects are named in german because it doesn't make sense to translate technicals terms.
In some cases the name of the mysql tables is too long. MySQL tablenames haves a limitation of 64 characters. But this is not only a MySQL problem. Oracle tablenames has to be shorter then 31 characters.
Because of the flow3 conversion of tablenames this is a generell problem. But if flow3 should be indepentend of the uses database this problem should be solved. With extbase I change the mapping manual, but that's not very nice.
A simple solution would be to use a hash value instead of the name of the model to create database tablenames. The disadvantage would be that the clearness get lost.



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In the generic persistence layer of FLOW3 only four tables are ever used (entities, properties, properties_data, valueobjects).

For the Doctrine 2 persistence custom table names are possible with the name attribute of the Entity annotation.


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