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Added by Ben van 't Ende over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Carina is working on the generic flyer. In the beginning of May there will be the american [[http://www.cmsexpo.et CMS Expo]] near Chicago. We have real high expectations of this conference and we would like to have the generic flyer finished by then. I suggest to help out here.


TheGenericFlyer.pdf (221 KB) TheGenericFlyer.pdf Ben van 't Ende, 2011-05-17 10:42
TheGenericFyler2.pdf (305 KB) TheGenericFyler2.pdf Sven Lubenau, 2011-05-17 10:58
bodycopy.tiff (124 KB) bodycopy.tiff Sabine Hueber, 2011-05-18 10:32
TheGenericFlyer6.pdf (206 KB) TheGenericFlyer6.pdf Sabine Hueber, 2011-05-31 21:12
TheGenericFyler4.pdf (128 KB) TheGenericFyler4.pdf Sven Lubenau, 2011-06-01 09:14
img017.pdf (156 KB) img017.pdf Sabine Hueber, 2011-06-24 15:44
img018.pdf (122 KB) img018.pdf Sabine Hueber, 2011-06-24 15:50
TheGenericFyler8.pdf (1.23 MB) TheGenericFyler8.pdf Sven Lubenau, 2011-07-01 14:07
comments.jpg (398 KB) comments.jpg Artem Matevosyan, 2011-07-01 16:30
TheGenericFlyer8.pdf (1.89 MB) TheGenericFlyer8.pdf Robert Zierhofer, 2011-07-13 09:44

Updated by Carina Schneider over 9 years ago

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Updated by Sven Lubenau over 9 years ago

I am in contact with Carina and Ben. We made a first flyer-draft. And I think the flyer achieves our needs for now.
Let us discuss this draft.

I choose a smaller handy format. A classic flyer format called "DIN-Lang". Its more User-friendly like an large Version in A4.


Updated by Sven Lubenau over 9 years ago

Ben van 't Ende wrote:

First draft

And the revised one. :)


Updated by Ben van 't Ende over 9 years ago

Feedback by Kian

1. I would avoid using numbers that need to be updated all the time and where we need a last updated date, this makes the flyer outdated quickly
2. I would avoid using screenshots of websites, since they get outdated quickly as well, we should use company names instead, also not website URLs
3. I believe the TYPO3 logo is not according to the logo guideline, since it has a shadow and some effect over it (ask Rasmus maybe?)
4. Too many headlines with big font sizes, this is mainly not very attractive on the second page on the left
5. TYPO3 in numbers looks a bit messy, same icons for several items, we should avoid multi-line items and everything should have a number (consultancies).


Updated by Artem Matevosyan over 9 years ago

I would also add that we probably need to avoid using those raster icons like scrible icons and the open book icon. We don't have hi-res or 3d sources for them.


Updated by Sabine Hueber over 9 years ago

What about the font?

There is to much text and less white space at the moment. In my point of view, the font could be smaller.

I added an example. It`s the FreeSans, a TrueType font under the GNU/GPL.


Updated by Robert Zierhofer over 9 years ago

Hi All,
I agree with Artem that the folder could use some white space.
Furthermore, I am not sure about the drop shadow of the orange block on page 1.
What do you think?


Updated by Sven Lubenau over 9 years ago

  • We use for Copytext the Helvetica in readable size of 8,5pt/13pt line-height. its according to the guidelines.
    I used the more better quality Helvetica instead of Arial. i revised the size in my second draft to have more white space.
  • I agree to clean the table of numbers and drop the sketched icons because of the resolution.
    But i would leave the numbers. Its a nice thing about the community and the active usage.
  • I didn‘t create the Content. I thought it was the final-text.
  • On the second Page (left side): The list is according to the new website. i think it make sense to do similar stuff.
  • The Keyvisual on the Cover is a keyvisual not only the Brand Image. Probably it have to a bit more »effective«.

Updated by Sabine Hueber over 9 years ago

I`m not sure if I read all the available styleguides. Can we collect the material, we have at the moment?

Yes, we need a central repository! :-)

What about developing the key visual for the flyer together? Maybe there should be some pictures or gradients on the first page...

I hope the text isn`t the final version. I wouldn`t write TYPO3 is "Something for Everyone". We need to define target groups. Do we want to address everyone? I wouldn´t separate official events and community events. Aren`t the events of the association community events too?

What about a skype meeting?


Updated by Sabine Hueber over 9 years ago

Do we have some indication of source for the TYPO3-statistics? Where is the data from? Who did evaluate it? (This information is very important to finish the flyer)


Updated by Sabine Hueber over 9 years ago

Hi there,

I updated the flyer a little bit. Thanks to Sven who sent the template to me and who gave me a great font: The Liberation Sans. It`s much more better than the Free Sans.(For whatever reason, Free Sans doesn`t work with Indesign)

I changed some texts and the design-raster. Now there is more white space.

What do you think about the title-page of the flyer? Do you like it? It just occured to me and so I put it into practice.

Now something to the pictures:

We need a picture to put at the inner of the flyer. I imagine a panorama foto with mountains, snow, some people at the right side and of course some orange TYPO3 banner. Now I put in some examples which don`t have a good quality. Similar to these fotos the new ones could be.

I changed the grey color into 15%. The print doesn`t work fine with 5%-grey. It`s to less color and so not visible enough.



Updated by Sven Lubenau over 9 years ago

Hi Guys,
unfortunately I could not participate in the Skype meeting - perhaps at the next.

I‘m a bit surprised by the new document ofSabine. In my Opinion it now takes a completely new approach. With placeholder images I personally can not assess overall impression and I generally lacks a certain attention to detail.

I now have compared the currently design status with the new text of Sabine and adapted it in some places.
But i generally leave in the »design-raster«, but with more white space.
Maybe you can cancel in some places even more text. Is it your suggestions in this direction.

Greetings from Berlin, Sven


Updated by Sabine Hueber over 9 years ago

Hi to all,

here`s the correction of the flyer.



Updated by Sabine Hueber over 9 years ago

here the other page


Updated by Sven Lubenau over 9 years ago

Here it is. The new Version.
Finally we need to have a look over the Text and a coherent List of TYPO3-Companies.


Updated by Artem Matevosyan over 9 years ago

Just a few comments, maybe we'll them useful.


Updated by Robert Zierhofer over 9 years ago

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Applied the corrections...
I think we definitely need to check the content... seems a bit "wrong" and stiff in terms of the used (english) phrases to me


Updated by Robert Zierhofer over 9 years ago

here's the file...


Updated by Robert Zierhofer about 9 years ago

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Updated by Robert Zierhofer about 9 years ago

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Ben, what is the status of the generic folder?
Would like to close this task... thx!


Updated by Sven Lubenau about 9 years ago

Yes, the flyer is printed?
How can I get some copies?


Updated by Ben van 't Ende about 9 years ago

Heyla, one thing that we still need to get really correct is the numbers. We need to discuss that in the marketing team. Response times are bad there at the moment. I will do my best.

Kian also suggested: "With the features I would call it 10.000+ features instead of functions.", which I agree on.


Updated by Robert Zierhofer about 9 years ago

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