Bug #23272

Incorrect backpath used when including default and skin stylesheets

Added by Jeff Segars almost 11 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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CSS paths in typo3/template.php are currently calculated using $GLOBALS['BACK_PATH']. Elsewhere in t3lib_tceforms, $this->backPath is used instead of $GLOBALS['BACK_PATH]. $GLOBALS['BACK_PATH'] may not be available in all contexts, leading to missing styles.

The issue can easily be seen in frontend editing, where the CSS for sprite images is not loaded due to the incorrect path. In this instance $this->backPath is set properly and used elsewhere in t3lib_tceforms but $GLOBALS['BACK_PATH'] is not.

In previous versions of TYPO3, $this->backPath was not set at all in the backend context because all of the views were directly inside /typo3/ and no back path was needed. After moving list view and other modules to extensions, a back path is needed so the first hunk in this patch sets $this->backPath to $GLOBALS['BACK_PATH'] in the normal backend context. While its related to this patch, it could also be a followup to RFCs 15149-15155.

(issue imported from #M15242)


15242.diff (1.93 KB) 15242.diff Administrator Admin, 2010-07-26 22:51
15242_v2.diff (2.17 KB) 15242_v2.diff Administrator Admin, 2010-07-27 18:14

Updated by Björn Pedersen almost 11 years ago

v2 at least gives the date picker back again. The icons are still either missing or replaced by a questionmark on red background.


Updated by Jeff Segars almost 11 years ago

Yes, that is a separate issue that will need to be addressed by feeditadvanced. See http://forge.typo3.org/issues/8072 for a preliminary patch to bring these icons back.

Thanks for testing!


Updated by Jeff Segars almost 11 years ago

Björn, just FYI, i have now committed the feeditadvanced portion of the patch so the sprite icons should be working as expected when you use the latest dev version of feeditadvanced in conjunction with this patch.


Updated by Jeff Segars almost 11 years ago

On second thought, this is actually more complicated than my patch. There are plenty of places in the core where the backPath is set outside the constructor and this patch would potentially impact them.

For now, I'll just address it in feeditadvanced by setting $GLOBALS['BACK_PATH'] on my own.


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 7 years ago

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as this issue is very old. Does the problem still exists within newer versions of TYPO3 CMS (4.5 or 6.1)?


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 7 years ago

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