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Open external links in a new window

Added by Sabine Hueber over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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The external links in the wiki open in the same window. It would be better, when they open by default in an external window.

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Precedes wiki.typo3.org - Bug #52863: Do not add target=_blank for external links pointing to typo3.orgResolvedChris topher2013-10-15


Updated by Francois Suter over 9 years ago

I'm not convinced. This used to be a standard, but I now prefer web sites that don't choose the target for me. Of course, this is just my personal opinion.


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Hi Sabine,

yes, we talked already about this. I introduced the <link>...</link> tag what can have _blank as parameter. But it's easy to forget this.

As we have now jQuery in the wiki, I think I add target="_blank" to all external links tomorrow ;-)

Francois Suter
in the wiki this is a special case. There the user expects to stay in the wiki with all links. You see that on wikipedia.org - all external links are below in a special section.


[edit: I will add target="_blank". class="external" is already there because of the CSS selector]


Updated by Francois Suter over 9 years ago

Yes, that's true. OK.


Updated by Daniel Brüßler over 9 years ago

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I did it, now all external links are automatically converted to target="_blank " links

You can try it out here


Updated by Chris topher about 9 years ago

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