Bug #25695

Template of widgets can't be changed

Added by Georg Ringer over 10 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Currently the widgets use the default template path only and it is impossible to override those which is kind of a nogo.

Attached patch fixes this. The path can be set via TS. e.g.

plugin.tx_fo.view.widgetRootPath = fileadmin/fo/

If using the pagination widget, the index.html needs to be at fileadmin/fo/ViewHelpers/Widget/Paginate/Index.html

One open question: Is this the correct way to go with the part "ViewHelpers" inside this path? or should it be fileadmin/fo/Paginate/Index.html?


widget-template.patch (1.08 KB) widget-template.patch Georg Ringer, 2011-04-01 11:19

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Updated by Henjo Hoeksma over 10 years ago

+1 on this :-)


Updated by Karsten Dambekalns over 9 years ago

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Christian, are you working on this?


Updated by Christopher Hlubek over 9 years ago

I think we won't have a fileadmin folder in FLOW3 and I also dislike the idea of putting templates inside a fileadmin folder.

It should be possible to override this using settings (or TypoScript in v4). Right now the core widgets are cool but pretty useless.


Updated by Georg Ringer over 9 years ago

IMO this has been resolved with #10823
can you please crosscheck, thx


Updated by Adrian Föder about 9 years ago

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to me, everything looks like this is already resolved or handled in the related issues. Thus, closing it.

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