Bug #25695

Template of widgets can't be changed

Added by Georg Ringer almost 11 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Currently the widgets use the default template path only and it is impossible to override those which is kind of a nogo.

Attached patch fixes this. The path can be set via TS. e.g.

plugin.tx_fo.view.widgetRootPath = fileadmin/fo/

If using the pagination widget, the index.html needs to be at fileadmin/fo/ViewHelpers/Widget/Paginate/Index.html

One open question: Is this the correct way to go with the part "ViewHelpers" inside this path? or should it be fileadmin/fo/Paginate/Index.html?


widget-template.patch (1.08 KB) widget-template.patch Georg Ringer, 2011-04-01 11:19

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Updated by Henjo Hoeksma almost 11 years ago

+1 on this :-)


Updated by Karsten Dambekalns almost 10 years ago

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Christian, are you working on this?


Updated by Christopher Hlubek almost 10 years ago

I think we won't have a fileadmin folder in FLOW3 and I also dislike the idea of putting templates inside a fileadmin folder.

It should be possible to override this using settings (or TypoScript in v4). Right now the core widgets are cool but pretty useless.


Updated by Georg Ringer almost 10 years ago

IMO this has been resolved with #10823
can you please crosscheck, thx


Updated by Adrian Föder over 9 years ago

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to me, everything looks like this is already resolved or handled in the related issues. Thus, closing it.

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