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wiki.typo3.org - password reset not possible

Added by Andreas Wolf over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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I have forgotten my Wiki password, but currently it's impossible to reset it by myself. Is this on purpose or is there just an option that is not enabled?

If it's on purpose, I'd like to ask you to reset the password for my account "Andreas Wolf". Thanks!

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Indeed, no password reminder on our wiki.

I have manually reseted the password and already send the info to Andreas.

Daniel Hinderink: is it a way to add the reminder as it is done on Wikipedia? Plugin needed?


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Thank you Andreas for telling this and thanks Fabien for resetting it already manually.

I know see what to do, so that we get the reminder-feature.



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as default the mediawiki enginge has no password reset function, like what we have in the TYPO3 login form. There is an extension "password reset", but this is just an admin feature what has another functionality like we need. I did a research what extensions de.mediawiki.org use, but they don't have an extension for this.

Until just some users in the wiki (just 69,4%) have an email address in the wiki it doesn't make sense to write an extension to provide the "send new password" feature. When SingleSignOn for the wiki is ready the problem disappears as the source of the user-account is www.typo3.org



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