Bug #263

Object Builder injects constructor arguments of previous builds if no arguments are passed explicitly

Added by Robert Lemke over 12 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Code which exploits the bug:

$component1 = $componentManager->getComponent('T3_TestPackage_ClassWithOptionalConstructorArguments', 'someValue');
echo $component1->argument1; // output: "someValue" 
$component2 = $componentManager->getComponent('T3_TestPackage_ClassWithOptionalConstructorArguments');
echo $component2->argument1; // output: still "someValue", expected output: "" 

Associated revisions

Revision 03aa50f0 (diff)
Added by Robert Lemke over 12 years ago

Mainly worked on #263 - but solving it had various side effects and (fortunately) exploited a few older bugs we didn't know yet.

  • FLOW3: Fixed whitespaces and inline documentation in some classes I came across
  • FLOW3: (AOP) Changed a RuntimeException to T3_FLOW3_AOP_Exception in the AOP Framework class.
  • FLOW3: (AOP) The T3_FLOW3_AOP_Pointcut component is now also registered as a T3_FLOW3_AOP_PointcutInterface component type. Background: Some Dependency Injection failed because only *Interface was specified in the constructor argument, but such a component didn't exist.
  • FLOW3: (AOP) The Proxy Class Builder now transfers all class annotations from the target class to the proxy class. Fixes #266.
  • FLOW3: (Component) Added a new feature to the Component Configuration: If an empty array is passed to setConstructorArguments(), all existing arguments are removed.
  • FLOW3: (Component) Added a third parameter ($overridingConstructorArguments) to the create method of the Object Builder. This is mainly used by the component manager and fixes #263.


#1 Updated by Robert Lemke over 12 years ago

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#2 Updated by Robert Lemke almost 12 years ago

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