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Nested heading in header tag

Added by Oliver Hader over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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The CSC default headlines are nested in a semantically wrong way like this:
<header><h1>Heading 1</h1></header>


Updated by Oliver Hader over 9 years ago

Feedback by Patrick:

[28.09.11 17:05:57] Patrick Broens: It is correct
[28.09.11 17:05:57] Patrick Broens: a group of introductory or navigational aids. A header element typically contains the section’s heading (an h1–h6 element or an hgroup element), but can also contain other content, such as a table of contents, a search form, or any relevant logos.
[28.09.11 17:06:23] Patrick Broens: a <header> typically contains at least (but not restricted to) one heading tag (<h1> – <h6>). You can also include the <hgroup> element
[28.09.11 17:06:53] Patrick Broens: You can use multiple headers, each of which will then become the <header> for that section of the document

[28.09.11 17:08:28] Patrick Broens: It's especially convenient when the date is added to the h1, which is then in the <header> as well
[28.09.11 17:09:07] Patrick Broens: There can be more <header> tags within a section, article, aside, but also in div, p etc
[28.09.11 17:10:08] Patrick Broens: Imagine <h1>, subheader <h2> in a <hgroup> and the date added to the header, this is all wrapped by the <header>

[28.09.11 17:11:00] Patrick Broens: There is no real definition what the wrapper has to be of <header>. It's even good to have a <header> following the <body> immediately
[28.09.11 17:12:00] Patrick Broens: You can use it everywhere multiple times in a document


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Rejecting this bug. It is semantically correct ;-)

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