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Improving the division of information between the wiki and other sources

Added by Chris topher about 9 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Quoting what Ron wrote to me:

"I've been exploring the various doc sites, and am wondering about the division of information between them. There seems to be much duplicate information. For example, the wiki often seems to contain information that belongs in the manuals."

I see the same problem.

We should (re)define, what we want to have the wiki for.
You name extension manuals, I can add official documents like TSref and TSconfig, where there are copies in the Wiki.
For some of those documents translations have been created (which is a good thing).
But their problem is, that they are not the most current versions and that noone updates even the English texts. The translations first are based on the old English text and second are often incomplete.
For the official documents I propose to write the main authors of the wiki translations and to integrate them into our official forge projects. They should do their translations there (as we do that already for many translations).

For the other manuals we won't care for them. Maybe it's an idea to leave them in the Wiki...?


Where else do you see duplicate information?


Updated by Chris topher over 3 years ago

In the last years, several cleanup rounds have been done. E.g. in August 2016 I have cleaned up around 10 different guides and partial guides from the wiki. I added relevant information from these pages to the according official guides.

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