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Make TagBuilder more extensible

Added by Thomas Allmer over 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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As a developer for Viewhelpers I would like to Extend available Viewhelper and probably modify some tag attributes based on various options without totally forking the viewhelper.

For that I need the possibility to get and set the value of tag attributes.

These Functions could look like this:

     * Sets the value of an attribute in the $attributes-collection
     * @param string $attributeName name of the attribute to be added to the tag
     * @return string
     * @author Thomas Allmer <at@delusionworld.com>
     * @api
    public function setAttribute($attributeName, $attributeValue, $escapeSpecialCharacters = TRUE) {
        return $this->addAttribute($attributeName, $attributeValue, $escapeSpecialCharacters);

     * Gets the value of an attribute in the $attributes-collection
     * @param string $attributeName name of the attribute to be added to the tag
     * @return string
     * @author Thomas Allmer <at@delusionworld.com>
     * @api
    public function getAttribute($attributeName) {
        return $this->attributes[$attributeName] ? $this->attributes[$attributeName] : '';

     * Checks if the tag has a certain attribute
     * @param string $attributeName name of the attribute to be added to the tag
     * @return string
     * @author Thomas Allmer <at@delusionworld.com>
     * @api
    public function hasAttribute($attributeName) {
        return $this->attributes[$attributeName] ? TRUE : FALSE;

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Updated by Bastian Waidelich over 9 years ago

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I agree that the TagBuilder could be more flexible.
Here some more ideas that came up during a discussion in the FLOW3 Mailing List:

Currently, the attributes are "just" an array with attribute names as
keys and their values as... values.
In HTML, sometimes it comes to "collections" inside attributes, I think
especially about "class" and "style". Multiple class names resp. style
directives are allowed inside a class/style attribute.
My thought now is, that it would be nice to make attributes configurable
to hold collections, with a per-attribute definable separator (that
would be [space] on "class", and [;] on "style".

Concerning the idea to make addAttribute() adding the value to the existing attribute - I'm not sure about that one. It would be a bit intransparent and only really make sense for the class & style attribute. Instead I'd suggest to introduce setAttribute() (as suggested) which ands or replaces existing attribute and something like appendAttribute() that extends the value.


Updated by Thomas Allmer over 9 years ago

I would suggest something like this (concept from MooTools)

setAttribute('foo', 'bar'); // <tag foo="bar" />
eraseAttribute OR removeAttribute

setStyle('border', 'none'); // <tag style="border: none;" />

addClass('myClass'); // <tag class="myClass" />

//advanced Class stuff

//convinients function
eraseAttributes or removeAttributes

so what do you think? should I work on something like this?


Updated by Adrian Föder almost 9 years ago

since basic functionality is indeed resolved in #37460, I still, of course ;) like Thomas' Mootoolsian ideas, however I would not go so far and support a whole convenient feature set, since e.g. toggleClass and similar maybe don't make much sense in that "static" context.

what I could imagine as a convenient, powerful method is, a method like


function appendAttributeValue(string $attribute, string $value, string $assureSeparator = NULL)
  if (! attributeExists) createAndSetIt;
  else {
      if (lastPartOfExistingValue != $assureSeparator) setAttribute($currentValue . $assureSeparator . $value)
      else {
           setAttribute($currentValue . $value);

this is universally usable for styles, classes and javascript-code and the user just has to care about using the correct @assureSeparator@ value (space for classes, semicolon for JS and CSS).

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