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Make TagBuilder more extensible

Added by Thomas Allmer almost 10 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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As a developer for Viewhelpers I would like to Extend available Viewhelper and probably modify some tag attributes based on various options without totally forking the viewhelper.

For that I need the possibility to get and set the value of tag attributes.

These Functions could look like this:

     * Sets the value of an attribute in the $attributes-collection
     * @param string $attributeName name of the attribute to be added to the tag
     * @return string
     * @author Thomas Allmer <at@delusionworld.com>
     * @api
    public function setAttribute($attributeName, $attributeValue, $escapeSpecialCharacters = TRUE) {
        return $this->addAttribute($attributeName, $attributeValue, $escapeSpecialCharacters);

     * Gets the value of an attribute in the $attributes-collection
     * @param string $attributeName name of the attribute to be added to the tag
     * @return string
     * @author Thomas Allmer <at@delusionworld.com>
     * @api
    public function getAttribute($attributeName) {
        return $this->attributes[$attributeName] ? $this->attributes[$attributeName] : '';

     * Checks if the tag has a certain attribute
     * @param string $attributeName name of the attribute to be added to the tag
     * @return string
     * @author Thomas Allmer <at@delusionworld.com>
     * @api
    public function hasAttribute($attributeName) {
        return $this->attributes[$attributeName] ? TRUE : FALSE;

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Updated by Bastian Waidelich almost 10 years ago

  • Subject changed from TagBuilder does not allow to work with tags to Make TagBuilder more extensible
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I agree that the TagBuilder could be more flexible.
Here some more ideas that came up during a discussion in the FLOW3 Mailing List:

Currently, the attributes are "just" an array with attribute names as
keys and their values as... values.
In HTML, sometimes it comes to "collections" inside attributes, I think
especially about "class" and "style". Multiple class names resp. style
directives are allowed inside a class/style attribute.
My thought now is, that it would be nice to make attributes configurable
to hold collections, with a per-attribute definable separator (that
would be [space] on "class", and [;] on "style".

Concerning the idea to make addAttribute() adding the value to the existing attribute - I'm not sure about that one. It would be a bit intransparent and only really make sense for the class & style attribute. Instead I'd suggest to introduce setAttribute() (as suggested) which ands or replaces existing attribute and something like appendAttribute() that extends the value.


Updated by Thomas Allmer almost 10 years ago

I would suggest something like this (concept from MooTools)

setAttribute('foo', 'bar'); // <tag foo="bar" />
eraseAttribute OR removeAttribute

setStyle('border', 'none'); // <tag style="border: none;" />

addClass('myClass'); // <tag class="myClass" />

//advanced Class stuff

//convinients function
eraseAttributes or removeAttributes

so what do you think? should I work on something like this?


Updated by Adrian Föder about 9 years ago

since basic functionality is indeed resolved in #37460, I still, of course ;) like Thomas' Mootoolsian ideas, however I would not go so far and support a whole convenient feature set, since e.g. toggleClass and similar maybe don't make much sense in that "static" context.

what I could imagine as a convenient, powerful method is, a method like


function appendAttributeValue(string $attribute, string $value, string $assureSeparator = NULL)
  if (! attributeExists) createAndSetIt;
  else {
      if (lastPartOfExistingValue != $assureSeparator) setAttribute($currentValue . $assureSeparator . $value)
      else {
           setAttribute($currentValue . $value);

this is universally usable for styles, classes and javascript-code and the user just has to care about using the correct @assureSeparator@ value (space for classes, semicolon for JS and CSS).

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