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Features for release planning

Added by Robert Lemke over 10 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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For planning of the FLOW3 release (and other releases) we need some aggregated views.

Similar to "Versions" which can be set for a project, we need some new data type "Release" which has the following properties:

- version number
- name / label
- projects which are involved in this release
- version numbers of these projects
- wiki page for that release

then we also need a (probably read-only) aggregated view of the issues of all projects / versiosn involved in the release.


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still needed / planned?

#3 Updated by Christopher Hlubek about 8 years ago

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Maybe Robert can tell something about this. I don't know if we still need that or what the exact idea was on how to implement it in Redmine.

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