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Configure from what package to use Templates/Partial/Layouts

Added by Soren Malling over 8 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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This could be considered as a discussion, and not a final feature request.

My feature wish, is to make is possible to configurate from which package to use templates/partials/layout file.


Create a application, and create a secondary application only containing the template files/different layout.

This is most likely possible through AOP, but wouldn't it make sense to have it as a actual configuration property?

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#1 Updated by Soren Malling almost 8 years ago

As you can't create you own module for Neos and using the BackendSubModule layout from the TYPO3.TYPO3 package, I bump this issue so it might some attention.

Or do you have any alternative solution?

<f:layout name="BackendSubModule" package="TYPO3.TYPO3" />

#2 Updated by Bastian Waidelich almost 8 years ago

FYI: have a look at #42176

#3 Updated by Bastian Waidelich about 7 years ago

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This will be possible with #42176 and #39870
Frankly it won't be possible to define the Package in the f:* tag, but with the flexible Views.yaml implementation you'll be able to target any request

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