Feature #34462

Provide base mechanism for direct streaming of "media"

Added by Adrian Föder over 7 years ago.

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It would be useful to have the option to allow requesting a media (for current implementations consider an Image) directly per URI request.
I'd like to collect some ideas together how this could be achieved.

For a first draft I thought about providing both an AbstractController and an AbstractView that fetches the appropriate image and the view basically echo's that view after setting a Content-Type:image/jpeg (e.g.) header.
That Uri could be configured being for example


would output the image scaled to 300px width.

While thinking through that; another approach would be to provide an own request handler.

Additionally of course a caching mechanism should be used in order not to recalculate the same image every time.

At a very later stage, a simple cache proxy could be used however in order to "protect" the FLOW3 engine for unnecessary subsequent requests.

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