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Less Backslashes in the Annotation

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I've done the guide on http://flow3.typo3.org/documentation/guide/partii.html

So i wanted to add a Comment model to enhance the blog.

Ive used kickstarter to add a new model with this command:

./flow3 kickstart:model TYPO3.Blog Comment author:string text:string post:\TYPO3\Blog\Domain\Model\Post

The annotation for the get and set method gone wrong:

 * Get the Comment's post
 * @return \TYPO3\Blog\Domain\Model\TYPO3BlogDomainModelPost The Comment's post
public function getPost() {
return $this->post;
 * Sets this Comment's post
 * @param \TYPO3\Blog\Domain\Model\TYPO3BlogDomainModelPost $post The Comment's post
 * @return void
public function setPost($post) {
$this->post = $post;

In my opinion there have to be more backslashes in dhe @param annotations.

Hope someone will understand this :D


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You need to escape the backslashes in your shell - otherwise they do not even reach the PHP codeā€¦

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