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Create design for planet.typo3.org

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There is http://www.planetflow3.com/ as a blog aggregator for FLOW3 related blogs.There has been some talk already about a planet for TYPO3 as well. We need a design that is in line with the branding guidelines. Design can be be based on the latest greatest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques.


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We need to invite Rasmus to the discussion...
Ben can you take care about this?

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Is this thing still on?

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Wireframe is done... feedback?

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We had a first meeting with the Planet Builders. Technically we are able to start in the beginning of next year. Feedback concering the design is:

The team mentions "content is king" (reference: www.medium.com, www.webplatformdaily.org, Lists: https://medium.com/design-ux, https://medium.com/@GBKS, https://medium.com/design-ux/latest)

Add "Submit your site" on a different page, not on the frontpage

In general, functionality not having to do with content goes on a different page. The design should be simpler like the examples mentioned above.

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In the meantime we have a planet that is fully unstyled. Kay Strobach has put a lot of effort into this until now. The planet is here: http://planet.kay-strobach.de/

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the current implementation is based on bootstrap - where is the wireframe?

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Martin Huber conencts to Kay Strobach

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Hello Martin,

this is the current implementation location: http://planet.kay-strobach.de

I'd like to get some feedback ;)

Thank you in advice

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Skype with Kay, discuss some ideas for the planet.
Getting the repo from github to play with the ideas.

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