Major Feature #3585

Implement support for value objects

Added by Robert Lemke almost 11 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Currently value objects are not truly supported as such - but we want that.
This ticket consists of several sub tasks (see related issues)

Related issues

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Related to TYPO3.Flow - Feature #3587: Enforce validation rules for value objects already in constructor New 2009-06-05
Related to TYPO3.Flow - Feature #3588: Support value objects in the Object Factory Accepted

Associated revisions

Revision 0af0647d (diff)
Added by Christian Müller about 8 years ago

[FEATURE] Improve value object support

This allows to handle value objects as intended. Create a new
one and persistence will take care to check if the value object
exists already.

Change-Id: Ifd1906bb8ac7fea315c39caefc79e6a38e8a35b0
Related: #3585
Releases: 1.1


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Isn't this covered with Ifd1906bb8ac7fea315c39caefc79e6a38e8a35b0? Do we want to go further in the future here?

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