Bug #36056

Usage of " in the Policy.yaml

Added by Patrick Kollodzik over 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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The Policy.yaml that comes with TYPO3.FLOW3 has the following example:

# resources:
#   methods:
#     TYPO3_FooPackage_PropertySetter: "method(TYPO3\FooPackage\SomeClass->setSomeProperty())" 

If you follow that example and wrap the string with the " character, then the following expression will fail:

# resources:
#   methods:
#     ResourceName: "method(Package\LoginController\SomeClass->setSomeProperty())" 

Because of the " the \L will be removed and the expression will not work as expected. If you replace the " with ' it will work.

The examples in the documentation use all the ' character, so it should be enough to change the Policy.yaml that comes with TYPO3.FLOW3. It seems it is a legal escape character for YAML, but it is a bit confusing.

The stripping happens in the YAML paser and not in FLOW3.



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Updated by Hartmann Andreas almost 9 years ago

As far as i can tell, this Problem is not solved in FLOW 2 beta 1

Fails under Windows 7 but seems to Work in iOS:

Login: 'methods(Nelo\Artii\Controller\LoginController->.*Action())'

Works under Windows 7

Login: 'methods(Nelo\Artii\Controller\\LoginController->.*Action())'

Also available in: Atom PDF