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Order of includes (not possible to implement a interface in subfolder?)

Added by Daniel Poetzinger over 13 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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I have the following:

Classes/T3_XQuery_ExpressionInterface.php (=Interface)
Classes/MonetDB/T3_XQuery_MonetDBExpression (=a implementation)

I get the Exeption:
"Interface T3_XQuery_ExpressionInterface does not exist..

ReflectionException thrown in file
Packages/FLOW3/Classes/Component/T3_FLOW3_Component_Manager.php in line 336."

When i move the implementation also in Folder "Classes" it works.

So is there a way to resolve this dependencies automatic? E.g. autodetection of Interfaces (by name?) and include interfaces before implementations?


InterfaceTest.zip (4.25 KB) InterfaceTest.zip Daniel Poetzinger, 2008-03-21 00:25
InterfaceTestFileStructure.png (29 KB) InterfaceTestFileStructure.png Robert Lemke, 2008-05-23 12:19

Updated by Daniel Poetzinger over 13 years ago

Sorry Folder Structure was actual a bit diffrent:
Classes/Model/ (Interfaces)
Classes/Model/MonetDB/ (Implementation of the interfaces)

I only got it working with all Interfaces and Classes in Folder "Classes" direct.


Updated by Malte Jansen over 13 years ago

The structure must look like this:

MyPackage/Classes/MonetDB/T3_MyPackage_MonetDB_MonetDBExpression (=a implementation)

An interface-name must end with 'Interface'.
An abstract-name must start with 'Abstract' in the last component (e.g. T3_MyPackage_AbstractSomeName).
A common filename (or class-/interface-/abstract-name):


All Classes with this structure will be autoloaded.


Updated by Daniel Poetzinger over 13 years ago

Thanks, but the Interface ends with "Interface" in this case allready.
I tried the Folderstructure you explained but without success. It only works for me if all Implementations and Interfaces are within the same folder.


Updated by Robert Lemke over 13 years ago

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Hi Daniel,

thank you for your report.

Can you attach a small package (as .zip file) with the minimum amount of files it takes to reproduce that problem? And if you get that exception again - can you also save the html output and attach it as well?



Updated by Robert Lemke over 13 years ago

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Updated by Robert Lemke over 13 years ago

Hi Daniel,

I tried to reproduce your problem but had no success so far.
Can you please create a little package with the minimum of code you need to reproduce the problem on your machine and attach that package as .zip to this ticket?
Please also report the steps you take to reproduce the problem.


Updated by Daniel Poetzinger over 13 years ago

I hope this helps.
- you just need to unzip taht package and the index.php breaks with:
"Interface T3_InterfaceTest_ConnectionInterface does not exist "

- You just need to move the classes in the folder Model to the folder Classes and it works.



Updated by Robert Lemke over 13 years ago


I checked the package you attached to this ticket, the file structure looks like in the screenshot:

The problem is that the class loader can't load your file "T3_InterfaceTest_ConnectionInterface.php" because it doesn't follow the naming conventions: Either you have to put it directly into the "Classes/" directory of your package or rename the file to "T3_InterfaceTest_Interfaces_ConnectionInterface.php".

If you try this with a recent version of FLOW3 please note that the prefix T3 has changed to F3. And I don't recommend putting your interface into their own directory.


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