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New widget progress bar

Added by Nicole Cordes over 9 years ago.

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I developed a new widget which might be interesting to move it to the core. It's an universal progress bar calling a controller action by ajax to load progress.

You can easily use it in your own fluid templates by just adding

<f:widget.progressbar id="progressbar" action="ajax" message="1" messageText="This text is shown below the progress bar" arguments="{itemsToLoad: 10}" controller="yourController" package="yourPackage" subpackage="yourSubpackage" />
For explanation:
  • id means the id of the div container the progress bar is insert into
  • action is the action to be called from the ajax request
  • message indicates if a message under the progress bar should be displayed
  • messageText is the default text to show (under the progress bar)
  • arguments is an array of arguments passed to the action request
  • controller defines the controller the action belongs to, if not set the current one is used
  • package and subpackage define the package the controller belongs to, if not set the current ones are used
The actions has to return an json string having to keys:
  • value has to be an integer representing the status in percent (with the percent sign)
  • messageText is the string added to the message container below the progress bar (if enabled)

If you have any questions just ask me :-)


progressbar.patch (7.87 KB) progressbar.patch Nicole Cordes, 2012-04-25 15:11

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