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T3CON Stuttgart Video

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July 16th, protocol (2013)
Idea: Create a promotional video beforehand showing the differences of this year’s conference.
Ben will try to get the organisation for the videos together and find out how much money we will need for it. netresearch and AOE might already want to sponsor but we need at least one more sponsor. It depends on the package price from lumalenscape.

February 13th, protocol (2013)

We don’t think that this video works well as promotional video for the next conference especially if the conference will be more business oriented.
But we like the video for example as promotional video for the TYPO3 community: Become a part of the TYPO3 spirit. But it should be cut a little (the scenes where the room gets fuller and fuller are too long, the non-focused food scenes, the dancing scenes).

January 23rd, protocol (2013):

Kian met someone who always does these videos for the magento conferences. As they are not too expensive it might be an idea to ask them for the next conference.
Ben will write Jürgen and ask for a professional video person for the next conference. Kian will send his contacts to Ben.
It could be a good idea to take the video files from last year’s conference and create a promotional video for the 2013 conference but we don’t know who could do this.

November 21st, protocol (2012):

Ben wrote to Stefan but there still is no clear conclusion. The video is being worked on. Ben will remind Stefan.

August, 7th protocol: (2012)
  • Ben will ask Stefan Busemann regarding the session recording (Peter sends Ben the contact data from Joachim Geffken, he did the t3camp Stuttgart session recording).
    • If both won't do it we should try to find a company.
  • Ben will ask Michael Cannon and Stefan Völker regarding videos in DevDays-style (merchandise, interviewing).

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