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T3CON 2013

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August 13th protocol (2013)
Volker didn’t hear anything from Søren until now.
Volker managed to get two people (Marco Klawonn, Thorsten Kohpeiß) to help out with the T3CON13DE communication. Social media and other stuff.
Next week Volker will write an email with possible tasks which can be done by anyone.

July 31st protocol (2013)
Søren already booked the PR agency and it will start working for the T3CON.
Ric will care for promotion regarding T3CON in the netherlands.

Thomas Fleck helps Volker with the general promotion for the conference.
Danijela Grgic will help within the event team.
Next step for Volker: Have a look at the papers and inform speakers about the talks.

July 16th protocol (2013)
Volker had a meeting with Sören to talk about a press agency regarding press for the T3CON. They had two offers, one of those came from last year’s agency which wasn’t productive and good. The other offer was a lot better and more professional.

Next step is to inform people about the new concept. The goal is to get inside magazines (IX, Smashing Magazine, …) and to show the conference concept.

Boris asked a native speaker within the editorial team to update the website’s content together with Volker. He is available during the next two weeks and Volker or Patricia will contact him.

There will be an inofficial social program on tuesday and maybe something on friday for the non-european participants.
External speakers will be picked up from the airport and so on.
The Medienagenten could offer a wine tasting during one evening.

The event team needs help regarding promotion.
Berit will be the contact person for the event team in case of the website.

We already have different sponsors who would sponsor image videos taken during the conference (like the Inspiring Flow video).

Volker tries to have an overview on every conference/event taken place. He wants to be informed before new events are created.

Idea: Create a promotional video beforehand showing the differences of this year’s conference.
Ben will try to get the organisation for the videos together and find out how much money we will need for it. netresearch and AOE might already want to sponsor but we need at least one more sponsor. It depends on the package price from lumalenscape.

There will be bigger name badges (A6)
Name premium, platin sponsors on the badges
Roll-Ups will be produced but it is important to have an eye on the environment
The social event will change, if anyone has an idea just inform Volker
  • Social Media
  • During the conference: Live Tweeting

October 17th protocol (2012)

We will wait until we know who will be in charge of the T3CON13 and help those marketing wise.

August, 7th protocol
  • A clear strategy is needed.
  • Maybe clear balance between technical and business tracks.
  • As the developer days are a "getting things done" event and no conference, the conference could be developer oriented in some way.

Kian will talk with Jürgen (and Volker) at the conference.

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