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Create a typo3.org team

Added by Berit Hlubek over 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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04 - Prio 2
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We need a team which is responsible for tasks regarding the code (frontend, backend) of typo3.org.

Ben will talk about it with Joern and Steffen and write an article to gather people.

January 23rd, protocol:

The people who joined the last sprints will “be” the team.
Ben or Joern organize regular meetings every month and the marketing team organizes sprints and the sprint topics.

November 21st, protocol:

It’s difficult to find people who are willing to reliably work on tasks.
We really need a small team which can work on urgent tasks and we will still have sprints during which bigger tasks can be done.
During the sprint we will ask the people whether they could imagine to be in such a team.

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