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Next steps regarding image video

Added by Berit Hlubek over 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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February, 13th protocol (2013)
Wee agree that we like the video. We will get a non-branded version and Robert Lindt will take the costs. We are willing to pay for example for the voice. We want this video as image video instead of the nivel video.

January, 23rd protocol (2013):
Robert is able to bear the full costs of the changes. Actual the changes in text are in process and they search for a better voice. Changes will be finished at the end of February 2013.

November 21st, protocol (2012):
At the T3CON Ben talked to one of the pixelant guys. It seems that they misunderstood something because they thought that the project is stopped. But they got feedback and wanted to start the adjustments we asked them for. Robert is on a business trip now and Ben will write him after his trip.

August, 7th protocol (2012):
Everyone should watch the video at home and comment here.
Then we will find a way to communicate that we like the video but would like to have some parts changed to use it for typo3.org.

The link to the video:

Also available in: Atom PDF