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Add a way to extends the Account security model

Added by Dominique Feyer about 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Currently it's not possible to extend the \TYPO3\FLOW3\Security\Account. I try to use the same configuration as in the TYPO3.Party package.

1. I create a AbstractAccount abstract
2. I create Account that extension AbstractAccount

The AbstractAccount has the following annotations:

  • @FLOW3\Entity
  • @ORM\InheritanceType("JOINED")

When I start the doctrine:update (or migration), it fail with this message:

Uncaught Exception
  There is no column with name 'accountidentifier' on table

More Information
  Exception code      #30
  File                /Users/dfeyer/Sites/dev/medialib.tv.ttree.dev/Packages/Framework/Doctrine.DBAL/Classes/Schema/SchemaException.php line 60

In my project I have a mutli domain application, where I need to apply a security policy, based on the current domain. I need to add a "owner" field (and have this field as Identity, to allow the same username in different domain instance). We can sponsor, this feature if needed.

When i check the Party package, I found no other configuration and/or annotation. What's wrong in my proposition ?


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Updated by Steffen Ritter almost 9 years ago

I think this is a bug, not a feature - and the solution is quite simple - it's a onliner annotation.

Anyhow it is not really related to the party package.

Some explanation:
Doctrine needs to have the InheritanceType at the uppermost Entity. Therefore in current implementation it is just not possible to extend account.
Therefore with adding * @ORM\InheritanceType("SINGLE_TABLE") to the Account solves the problem.


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